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EECO Literature

Elevator Valve Cut Sheet

EECO produces Elevator Control Valves that set the standard in the industry for reliability and field servicability. Whatever your elevator project requires, from a residential elevator to the largest freight elevator, EECO has the correct valve for you.


UV-4R Residential Valve Cut Sheet

The UV-4R Elevator Control Valve is a small, compact valve for Residential, LULA, and handicapped applications. This valve features the performance of larger valves and has full levelling in both the up and down directions.


Single Stage Hydraulic Jack Cut Sheet

Single Stage Jack Units for Direct Acting, Cantilever, & Dual System Applications.
• Single & Multi-piece Construction
• Range of sizes from 2.75" to 20" Diameter
• Rated up to 680 PSI Working Pressure
• Low profile head for holeless roped applications


Telescopic Jack Cut Sheet

Telescopic Jacks for Direct Acting, Cantilever, and Dual Jack System Applications
• Can replace any Telescopic Jack
• Holeless Design Handles up to 5 Stops
• Minimum Overhead Requirements
• Up to 14,000 lbs capacity


Submersible Power Units Cut Sheet

EECO Submersible Power Units are designed with the directly connected pump and motor submerged in the oil reservoir. The control valve and muffler are mounted in the tank above the maximum oil level, providing access for valve adjustment.


Hoistway Switches Cut Sheet

Elevator Equipment Corp. produces three types of Elevator Limit Switch. The LS-1B Limit Switch is designed primarily for use in elevator hoistways as Access, Slow Down, Normal, and Final Limits. The MV-4C Permanent Magnet Switch is designed primarily for applications requiring trouble free service.
The LDS-3004A Permanent Magnet Inductor Switch is intended for use on hydraulic and electric elevators with speeds up to 400 feet per minute and one oor run control.


Belt Drive Power Units Cut Sheet

EECO Belt Drive (Dry) power units are designed with the pump and motor mounted on a sub-base located below the oil reservoir tank and is enclosed with sound isolation panels to limit transmission of noise during operation.


Muffler & Dampener Cutsheet

The Muffler (MU) provides superior noise suppression for most standard power unit installations. The unit working pressure is 1200 psi and it is 11 3/4” long. Unit diameter for 2” size is 6-5/8” and 8-5/8” for other sizes.

The New Generation Hydraulic Dampener (EHDN) is extremely effective in suppressing the sound and pulsation present in hydraulic elevator systems. The EHDN has a minimum burst pressure of 6000 psi with an ASME A17.1/CSA B44 allowable working pressure of 1200 psi. Unit diameter is 8 5/8” and the length is 11 3/4”. This improved dampener has been designed to have the same overall length as our standard mufflers.


EECOlube Cutsheet

EECOLube is a performance improving friction modifying oil additive formulated to reduce “Stick Slip”, rough starts & stops, and prevent noise in hydraulic elevator systems.
• Extremely effective in relieving the “stick slip” on noisy hydraulic pistons.
• Eliminates “chattering”
• Improves load bearing capacity
• Improves hydraulic oil flow characteristics
• Unique polar chemical boundary lubricant improves hydraulic oil operating performance
• Does not contain Teflon, graphite, molybdenum disulfide or any other solid lubricants


Door & Entrances Cut Sheet

EECO manufactures UL classified and listed Doors and Entrances.


Inspection Systems

EECO manufactures several inspection systems to meet your project needs and budget. The standard Inspection ports are the most economical choice for testing jacks for leakage into their PVC casing. The Electronic Leak Monitoring system allows remote monitoring for leaks and determines the presence of oil and water. The Evacuation System removes the liquids.