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Group One Hydraulic Elevator Systems

Elevator Systems
What is an EECO Group One?

Elevator Equipment Corporation (EECO) offers Group One Hydraulic Elevator Systems. These systems include a jack unit, pit support/buffers, power unit, sling & platform, guide rails, guide shoes, rail brackets, oil line material, and engineering layout drawings.

EECO has developed various pre-engineered systems in standard sizes which offer minimum lead times. EECO Group One Systems are available in either in-ground or holeless configurations and all are designed and manufactured in accordance with the Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators, ASME A17.1/CSA B44.

The following section contains a listing of all components included in the EECO Group One Elevator systems.

Hydraulic Jacks

EECO manufactures jack units with precision equipment, skilled and experienced production personnel, and a knowledgeable engineering staff to comply with the exacting standards required to produce a quality product. Additional equipment included with jack units is described below per system type.

  • In-ground, Direct Acting
    • Buffers
    • Pit channels
    • Sealed PVC with Evacuation System
  • Holeless, Direct Acting
    • Connection Bolt (Telescopic)
  • Roped Hydraulic
    • Sheaves and Stabilize
    • Wire Rope and Shackels

Power Units

EECO has manufactured hydraulic elevator equipment since 1946, and is one of the leading suppliers in the industry for hydraulic elevator power units. We can provide power units for any application, from small capacity residential to the largest freight elevators.

  • Submersible or Belted
    • Tank
    • Pump
    • Motor
    • UV-5ATC or UV-7BC Control Valve
      • Low Pressure Switch (if required)
      • 1/8” Pressure Gauge Fittings
    • Grooved Outlet (Threaded when required)
    • Dampener or Muffler
    • Thermal Switch
    • Low Oil Switch
    • Oil Level Liquid Gauge
    • Magnet
    • Optional Pre-wired Junction Box
    • Optional Motor Control

Sling and Platform

In the Group One System, EECO can design and manufacture a car sling or platform to any size for any requirement that you may have. From home elevators to commercial passenger elevators, up to the biggest freight elevators, EECO can handle the job.

  • Rail Guides
    • Speed Up To 149 fpm Slide Guides
    • Speed 150 – 200 fpm Roller Guides with Polyurethane Wheels
  • Platform has (2) 1/2” plywood subflooring with an undercoating of Fire Retardant Paint
  • Tie Rods
  • Car Cam
  • Toe Guard
  • Strike Plate
  • Optional Limit Switches
  • Removable Isolated Platen Connection Plate
  • Safeties and Slack Rope Switch
  • Governor
    • Tension Weight
    • Wire Rope
    • Mounting Bracket

Rail and Rail Brackets

EECO provides the highest quality rail equipment, including seismic components when required.

  • 15 lb/ft Guide Rails
  • Fishplate and Hardware (Seismic when required)
  • 12” wide Rail Brackets (9” wide for Telescopic when Piston Followers are required)

Oil Line Components

EECO’s Group One System provides the basic components you need for your elevator installation.

  • Black Pipe
  • Grooved Fittings (Threaded when required)
  • Pipe Stands
  • Shut Off Valve
  • Isolation Coupling
  • Pipe Rupture Valve (when required)