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Elevator Hoistway Accessories

Elevator Hoistway Accessories

EECO Limit Switches are the standard in the industry and come in several different models to meet your project's specifications.

Pipe Rupture Valves come in various sizes to meet your needs.

LS-1B Elevator Limit Switch

The LS-1B Elevator Limit Switch is designed primarily for use in elevator hoistways as Access, Slow Down, Normal, and Final Limits. The light weight durable construction of the LS-1B switch results in a reduced noise level and is designed for extended reliability.

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Pipe Rupture Valve (PRV)

Mounted directly onto the main jack connection, the Pipe Rupture Valve (PRV) is simple to adjust and extremely reliable in operation. Should an overspeed of the elevator occur, the damped closing of the PRV ensures a quick but smooth slowdown of the car. Slowing to a stop is standard; slowing to a down creep speed is optional.
Grooved or NPT straight through line connections enable the customer to attach the PRV to the existing cylinder and pressure line connections in the shortest possible installation time.

Magnetic Elevator Limit Switches

The Permanent Magnet Switch (MV) is designed primarily for applications requiring trouble free service. This switch provides a cost effective and simple solution for environments where mechanical contact between the actuating vane and switch is not desired.
Switches are available in two configurations, SPDT with one normally open & one normally closed contacts and DPDT with two normally open & two normally closed contacts.

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Inductor Limit Switch

The Permanent Magnet Inductor Switch (LDS-3004A) is intended for use on hydraulic and electric elevators with speeds up to 400 feet per minute and one floor run control. The LDS-3004A is made to interface with either relay logic, micro-processor or programmable logic controllers. The horseshoe shaped inductor switch provides noiseless sensing of slowdown and landing positions of the elevator.
The LDS-3004A Inductor Switch features solid metal construction and uses both a normally open and a normally closed contact reed switch as standard.

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