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Installation & Repair

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Installation & Repair

Adjustable Spanner Wrench

The Adjustable Spanner Wrench can be used on the Telescopic Jack’s Head Flanges. The wrench’s drop forged jaws are 3/8” thick with 11 adjustable positions for a capacity from 4-3/4” to 12-3/4” outside diameter and the handle is 1” in diameter and 24”’ long.

Evacuation Pump Assembly

This Evacuation Pump is used to drain residual oil remaining in the space between the cylinder(s) and the piston(s) while disassembling the Telescopic Jacks to service the internal head(s). The pump has a 1/4" shaft to fit a drill motor (minimum speed of 800 rpm) and is supplied with 25’‐0” of flexible tubing. Longer tubing lengths are available. The pump has a maximum head of 55’‐0”, 1.8 gpm based on 1200 rpm, and operating temperature of 1200 F. Do not pump gasoline or other flammable fluids.

Piston Repair Kit

This Piston Repair Kit (PRK-01) is designed to repair damaged piston with deep scratches or pits that cause excessive weeping of oil through the seals. The two part metal filled epoxy is ideal for filling in deep scratches and pits that are too deep to be removal with just light sanding. Using this kit, once properly applied, can prolong a damaged piston and seal life.
This kit is not designed to repair pistons that are undersized due to excess of sanding.
The Kit includes the following:
Piston Repair Epoxy Kit Hardener
Wooden Paddles Epoxy MSDS
Instruction Sheet Degreaser
80 Grit Emery Cloth 400 Grit Emery Cloth Putty Knife
Mixing Cup