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Elevator Jack Inspection Systems

Electronic Leak Monitoring System

The Electronic Leak Monitoring System (ELMS) is designed as a discriminating device. That is, the monitor array is designed to report the presence of a liquid trapped between the jack cylinder and the sealed PVC liner and to determine whether the liquid is water or oil. A secondary test for verification of leakage can be made by applying a suction pump to the test line at the monitor control block.
Inspection Systems Data Sheet

NOTE: This system can only be utilized on new jack installations, or jack unit replacements, with sealed PVC liners.

Evacuation System

The Evacuation System (EVS) is to be used to evacuate / inspect fluid leakage into the cavity between the cylinder and PVC liner of in-ground hydraulic jack system. The minimum required space between the largest outside diameter of the cylinder assembly and inside diameter of the PVC should be 1/2”.