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Oil Line Components

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Oil Line Components

Mounted directly onto the main jack connection, the Pipe Rupture Valve (PRV) is simple to adjust and extremely reliable in operation. Should an overspeed of the elevator occur, the damped closing of the PRV ensures a quick but smooth slowdown of the car. Slowing to a stop is standard; slowing to a down creep speed is optional.
Grooved or NPT straight through line connections enable the customer to attach the PRV to the existing cylinder and pressure line connections in the shortest possible installation time.

The Isolation Couplings (ISO) are available in three sizes both grooved and threaded. These couplings are designed for electrical isolation with a Dielectric Strength of 42 kV and will also help in the reduction of vibration and noise from being transmitted to the cab. The maximum operating temperature for these Isolation Couplings is 225º F (107º C).

All Isolation Couplings are designed to meet or exceed ASME A17.1/CSA B44.

The Shut Off Valve (SOV) is used to isolate one section of the system from another. All Shut Off Valves are constructed of ductile iron bodies and use a stainless steel ball. A locking device is standard on all sizes.

(includes Ball Valve & Handles}

The Muffler (MU) provides superior noise suppression for most standard
power unit installations. The unit working pressure is 1200 psi and it is 11-3/4” long.
Unit diameter for 2” size is 6-5/8” and 8-5/8” for other sizes.

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The EECO Hydraulic Dampener (EHDN) is extremely effective in suppressing the sound and pulsation present in hydraulic elevator systems. The EHDN has a minimum burst pressure of 6000 psi with an ASME A17.1/CSA B44 allowable working pressure of 1200 psi. Unit diameter is 8-5/8” and the length for 2", 2.5", and 3" is 11.75". The 4" outlet unit has a diameter of 10.75" and a length of 13.75".

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The 1/8” NPT Jack Bleeder Assembly is compact and easily installed. This bleeder is rated at 1500 psi. The barbed bleeder screw enables use of a 1/4” I.D. soft plastic or rubber tubing to direct oil into a container while bleeding the jack.