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Lubricants & Adhesives

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Lubricants & Adhesives

The PeViCol PVC Cement was specially designed for gluing PVC pipe. This non-flammable cement does not require a primer. The low odor and low emissions allows to be used indoors with minimal ventilation. The cement can be used in a temperature range from 32º - 176º F (0º - 80º C). PeViCol PVC Cement, a NordColl product, is not classified as an environmental toxin and the solvents in solutions are biologically degradable.

EECOLube: The EECOLube is a performance improving friction modifier oil additive formulated to reduce "Stick Slip", rough starts & stops and prevent noise in hydraulic elevator systems. EECOLube is compatible with petroleum or biodegradable oils. EECO recommends using 1 bottle (quart) per 60 gallons of oil.