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Single Stage Jack Units

Hydraulic Elevator Jacks

Single Stage Jacks

Pressure Ratings

PJR-275 - PJR-4NET series: 1000 psi (68.9 bar) maximum working pressure PJR-4 - PJR-8SPL series: 680 psi (46.9 bar) maximum working pressure LJ series: 500 psi (34.5 bar) maximum working pressure

Description of a Single Stage

Single stage jack units (PJR & LJ series) consist of a single piston in a cylinder with head bearing and packing gland at the upper end where the piston collapses into the cylinder. Single stage jacks are designed for "guided" applications only, where the Jack unit is rigidly supported and guided through the use of guide rails and guide shoes and are designed for in-ground and holeless cantilever or dual holeless system applications.

Single stage jack units can be provided in one section up to 70 ft (21 m). Multi-section jack units can be provided in as many sections as required for the application.
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Specialty Jack Units

When an application involves lifting the load by means of a hydraulic jack that is internally guided without the need of external guide rails, an EECO double bearing jack is the solution. These jacks are designed so the double bearing span assures a safe and smooth operation of the elevator system. The seals in these type of jacks are capable of withstanding rotational movement of the elevator cab while moving with no adverse effect on the life of the seals.

EECO is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic elevator jacks of standard holeless and in-ground single and multi-stage jacks. In addition, designs and manufactures specialty jacks such as double bearing, double acting and double cylinder jacks.