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Group One Elevator System-LULA

Group One Limited Use/Limited Access
(LULA) Elevator

Today’s growing awareness of the need for greater accessibility, as well as legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, has created a growing demand for functional, convenient, and affordable elevator systems. EECO has taken those needs one step further to offer you Limited Use/Limited Application (LULA) elevators that can be integrated into your existing architecture and offer the quality and style that only EECO can provide.
        The EECO LULA Elevator can be used in churches, schools, libraries, small businesses, multi-family housing and other buildings, where permitted by state and local code. It is the product of years of experience and research combined to provide you with the affordable solution to your accessibility needs.

The EECO LULA elevator exceeds safety codes as established by ASME A17.1/CSA B44. The elevator carries a full one-year warranty on materials and workmanship and has proven reliability and durability with guaranteed quality backed by over 65 years in the commercial elevator industry. Our Hydraulic Elevators are built with dependable quality to last a lifetime. We invite you to compare the LULA elevator to any competitor, and you will find this elevator superior in design, quality, and workmanship.

Key Features

  • Standard car size is 18 square feet, 3’-6” wide by 5’-0” deep
  • Commercial grade components & fixtures
  • Standard or customized cab interiors
  • Rigid frame & car construction
  • Computer controlled operation
  • Engineered with safety & emergency features to ensure rider safety
  • “Holeless” design means no excavation for the hydraulic cylinder required
  • Two-speed automatic car doors with integrated hoistway doors
  • Electromechanical interlocks prevent elevator movement while doors are open & prevent hallway doors from opening while the car is not at a landing
  • A battery powered safety descent system lowers the car in the event of a power failure to prevent entrapment