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Viscosity Switch


A thermostat that is field adjustable by a fine adjustment trim screw which can activate a viscosity
control system. The thrermostat is UL and CSA recognized for a maximum of 1500 watts at 230 volts AC
with a single contact. The unit has a heat sensitive base plate which can be mounted directly to the
outside of a hydraulic tank or by an aluminum “L” bracket with little loss of sensitivity.
This switch can be used to control pump/motor running in bypass mode to heat up the oil in lieu of
a tank heater or as a control to turn on/off an oil cooler and/or a tank heater. The switch is normally
closed and is open above the set temperature.

Range: Adjustable from 75ºF (off) to 525ºF
Rotation: 310 Angular Degrees
Terminal Connector: #6-32 Screw