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Valve Return Filter (VRF)


The Valve Return Filter (VRF) is a passive oil filtration system attached to the tank return port of the valve. The filtration bag can be easily replaceable without having to remove the bag’s flange. The VRF allows you to easily comply with the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Rule by capturing particles 5 microns in size and larger preventing the buildup of debris within the tank making it easier to clean.

The Valve Return Filter is available with 2" male pipe thread, 2" female pipe thread, or 2" grooved connections. The filtration bag is rated at 200 gpm.

When greater flow rates are required a second VRF needs to be installed in parallel. Filter bags are required to be replaced when the tank return port pressure is 3 – 5 psi or bags become discolored, brown/black in color. The top of the flange is to be located no more than 16-3/4" from the minimum oil level.